n the tailoring Attilio Roncaccia clothes are sewn exclusively with extraordinary fabrics.

They range starts from combed from 150's, 160's, 170's, 180's, 190's, 200's, 210's up to a 11.8 micron fabric fineness, the finest wool ever produced in the world.

The are also clothes in pure cashmere and the exceptional fabric made of pure Vicuña.

Inside the couture in the fabrics room the most interesting thing is given by the rich collection of vintage, a real " Fabric Museum " both of drapery and shirts original '50s / '60s and '70s and even the old silk twill and the wool scarves with unobtainable small paisley designs, tie and drawings of animals in dozens of fantasy, that the most sophisticated customers use to line their jackets or to implement the measure ties.