eserves a separate chapter the history of bespoke shoes, that starts with the collaboration with a formidable shoemaker who owes his ability from the teaching received in the old school of - Sutor Mantellassi - where he learned the old techniques of making shoes by hand and where he met Attilio Roncaccia, at that time supplier of the stores - Mantellassi - in the clothing sector.  Therefore was born a friendship and then a collaboration that continues today.

They develop a technique for making bespoke shoes that is the same that is used in the tailoring for suits and shirts. First of all the measures are accurately taken, and the customer put on the prototyped shoes. After that the customer starts to walk for a while, to achieve that the measuring is correct, then proceeds to affect the skin with a sharp knife on both sides inside and outside, so appears the customer's foot in the real position inside the shoes.  All of that allows to choice if proceed with further test equal to this or put in evidence the shoe itself. Certainly this process  is very long, the first shoe is finished in no less than 3 months but  this allows to have the perfect shape of the foot of the customer and it facilitates subsequent achievements.