1) The neck

2) The canvas under the neck is left uncovered to avoid that the tie slides

3) Over shoulder

4) Armholes

5) Cannello before

6) Travetta set as standstill to pretend sleeve to prevent tearing

7) Listing of the sleeve

8) The wrist

9) Moushe, a triangle of fabric that combines the front and back of the shirt

10) The bottom of the shirt stitched roll film as it is used in scarves

11) The buttonholes sewn by small knot

12) The buttons sewn by lily

13) The monograms of the customer

14) In sheer fabrics is sewn on demanda bib in Moslem of cotton in the front



he shirts are sewn in the most rigid artisan rule: first of all is washed the fabric, then is created a canvas with the customer's measurements. Finally is cut the fabric and if needed will run another test.


 This process allows to keep on file the model for any other orders. Sewing a shirt so elaborate takes 16/18 hours.

The choice of over 50 different types of neck and 15 types of cuffs allows a complete customization. In the shirt fourteen steps are performed by hand. With this process, unique in the world, come true masterpieces for our most demanding and refined customers.